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  • I, humanityI, humanity

    Bennett, Jeffrey O.

    Written in the first person with the viewpoint of a narrator who represents the human race throughout history, I, Humanity tells the story of what we now know about the universe and how we learned it. It begins with the ancient view of a small, flat Earth, and page-by-page shows how we've gradually learned about our planet, its orbit, and its place in the vast universe.

  • The wizard who saved the worldThe wizard who saved the world

    Bennett, Jeffrey O.

    Diego, having realized his dream of becoming a wizard, also learns stopping global warming is impossible, and considers possible careers he can pursue in order to help the environment.

  • Max goes to the moonMax goes to the moon a science adventure with Max the Dog

    Bennett, Jeffrey O.

    Max the dog goes to the moon while teaching students about basic scientific theories.

  • A moon of my ownA moon of my own

    Rustgi, Jennifer.

    "A young girl travels the world in a dream with her faithful companion, the moon, showing moon phases from iconic places on all seven continents. Includes resources and activities for teachers and facts about the moon and the places visited"--Provided by publisher.

  • Max goes to the space stationMax goes to the space station a science adventure with Max the Dog

    Bennett, Jeffrey O.

    Max the Dog becomes a tourist aboard the International Space Station.

  • Max goes to MarsMax goes to Mars a science adventure with Max the dog

    Bennett, Jeffrey O.

    A dog named Max flies into space as a special member of a team studying Mars. Includes educational sidebars about the planet on every page, and a hands-on activity.

  • Over and under the pondOver and under the pond

    Messner, Kate.

    "Celebrates the forms of life that live above and under a pond, including turtles, red-winged blackbirds, blue herons, minnows, frogs, and catfish"--OCLC.

  • Sleep well Siba & SabaSleep well Siba & Saba

    Isdahl, Nansubuga Nagadya.

    "Forgetful sisters Siba and Saba are always losing something. Sandals, slippers, sweaters--you name it, they lose it. When the two sisters fall asleep each night, they dream about the things they have lost that day. Until, one night, their dreams begin to reveal something entirely unexpected..."--Back cover.

  • We don't eat our classmates!We don't eat our classmates!

    Higgins, Ryan T.

    When the class pet bites the finger of Penelope, a tyrannosaurus rex, she finally understands why she should not eat her classmates, no matter how tasty they are.

  • Drawn togetherDrawn together

    LĂȘ, Minh, 1979-

    A boy and his grandfather cross a language and cultural barrier using their shared love of art, storytelling, and fantasy.

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Popular Titles

  • Diary of a wimpy kidDiary of a wimpy kid : the meltdown

    Kinney, Jeff.

    When snow closes Greg Heffley's middle school, he and his best friend, Rowley Jefferson, face a fight for survival as warring gangs turn the neighborhood into a wintry battlefield.

  • Diary of a wimpy kidDiary of a wimpy kid : double down

    Kinney, Jeff.

    The pressure's really piling up on Greg Heffley. The only thing he's good at is playing video games, but his parents want him to broaden his horizons by doing something-anything!-else. When Greg finds an old video camera in his basement, he thinks he may have discovered just the thing to prove he's got big-time talent. With the help of his best friend, Rowley, Greg hatches a plan to make a scary movie and to become rich and famous in the process. Is it a smart plan or a recipe for trouble?.

  • I will take a nap!I will take a nap!

    Willems, Mo.

    Gerald is tired and cranky and wants to take a nap, but Piggie is not helping.

  • Diary of a wimpy kidDiary of a wimpy kid : hard luck

    Kinney, Jeff.

    "Greg Heffley's on a losing streak. His best friend, Rowley Jefferson, has ditched him, and finding new friends in middle school is proving to be a tough task. To change his fortunes, Greg decides to take a leap of faith and turn his decisions over to chance. Will a roll of the dice turn things around, or is Greg's life destined to be just another hard-luck story?"--Provided by publisher.

  • Fly Guy and the FrankenflyFly Guy and the Frankenfly

    Arnold, Tedd.

    Buzz has a nightmare that hes best friend Fly Guy has created a gigantic Frankenfly monster.

  • Listen to my trumpet!Listen to my trumpet!

    Willems, Mo.

    When Piggie plays her new trumpet for Gerald, the elephant decides he must be honest in his response.

  • A new beginningA new beginning

    Bentley, Sue, 1951-

    Lily, who works at a riding stable and wants a pony of her own, helps a magic puppy that is really a wolf in disguise, and in return he uses his magic to help her get a pony.

  • Should I share my ice cream?Should I share my ice cream?

    Willems, Mo.

    Best friends Gerald and Piggie are complete opposites but still manage to have fun together, but when Gerald takes too long to make an important decision, it may be too late to share with Piggie.

  • Happy Pig Day!Happy Pig Day!

    Willems, Mo.

    Piggie celebrates her favorite day of the year, but Gerald the elephant is sad, thinking that he cannot join the fun.

  • A nervous nightA nervous night

    Manushkin, Fran.

    Katie is nervous about a sleepover at her grandparents' house.

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